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Sanzar Group has been expanding services since  2018.

The group includes three main business lines: a) aerospace leads by Sanzar Aerospace b) drones operations by Agro Aerospace and c) design, management and market launch of tourism assets coordinate by Agraer.

Our aim is always customer satisfaction following the way to a technologically- advanced future. For each project, we work carefully to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients and their needs. In our technical area we lead innovation projects like aerospace inertial actuators and drone operations.

precision agriculture

Agro Aerospace provide operational and software solutions for producer, farmer and cattlemen in Paraguay and Spain. We develop specifics software solutions for soya, vine cultivation and olive. Using multi-spectral and thermal imagery the costs and environment impact of fertilizer and agrochemical are reduced.


Agraer manages and commercialize buildings and other holdings such as hotels, restaurants, beach clubs in Caribe and Spain. We propose design solution, market study, operation and use of business. Our international experience is used to provided the best solution for our customer. 

flight control

Sanzar Aerospace provides product and services associated with urban mobility. We supply electro-mechanic, avionic, dynamics and software services for advanced flight control systems of automatic air and space vehicles


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